Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of a language are offered each quarter?

The levels offered each quarter for the languages in our Introductory Program are shown below. For languages offered through the Heritage Program, please check each individual language page or contact the Language Office.


  • 1A/X - Fall
  • 1B/X - Winter
  • 1C/X - Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall
  • 1E/X - Winter


  • 1A/X - Fall, Spring
  • 1B/X - Fall, Winter
  • 1C/X - Winter, Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall, Spring
  • 1E - Winter


  • 1A/X - Fall, Spring
  • 1B/X - Fall, Winter
  • 1C/X - Winter, Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall, Spring


  • 1A/X - Fall
  • 1B/X - Winter
  • 1C/X - Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall


  • 1A/X - Fall
  • 1B/X - Winter
  • 1C/X - Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall


  • 1A/X - Fall
  • 1B/X - Winter
  • 1C/X - Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall


  • 1A/X - Fall, Spring
  • 1B/X - Fall, Winter
  • 1C/X - Winter, Spring
  • 1D/X - Fall, Spring

How do I know what level I should be in?

You need to take the placement test or check with your college advisor.

Where and how do I take the placement test?

If you are an enrolled UCSD student you may take the placement test for French, German, Italian or Spanish online at: If you are not an enrolled student, you can take the paper version of the placement test in the Language Lab.

Do I have to take the level I placed in?

To get credit you must take the level you placed in. If you wish, you may take the next level higher than your placement, but you cannot go down to a lower level.

How do I enroll in a language class?

You may enroll online before the first day of class.

How do I add a language class?

To add a class during the first two weeks of the quarter, you must have your instructor's permission.

How do I drop a language class?

To drop a class during the first two weeks of the quarter you may use WebReg. No signature is required to drop a class.

I am on a wait list, so will I get in the class?

Students who are on a wait list have first priority to add the class if and when there is space available. Be sure to attend the class on the first meeting day. The instructor will give you detailed information at that time. In general, we will be able to find a class for you. The automated waitlist procedure does not apply to Language Program classes once the quarter has begun.

Should I take 1D/1DX or Literature 2A?

Students who are planning to continue studying the language or its literature may want to take Literature 2A. To discuss your particular situation, please contact your adviser or the Academic Coordinator.

I've never been in the Language Program before, so what do I do to get started?

Be sure you are enrolled in both parts of the class, e.g. 1A (conversation) and 1AX (grammar). Attend the first class and read your course syllabus for details. For more information please go to our Language Program Website.

Why is there a strict attendance policy and what is it?

Success in learning a language is dependent upon frequent practice and review, rather like playing a musical instrument-there are no shortcuts. Your success in learning to communicate in a new language depends largely on the number of hours of communicative experiences in that language. For this reason, you are expected to attend all classes and to participate in classroom activities. Further information may be found in the syllabus for each course at our Language Program Website.

How do I sign up for my online midterm exams?

You must sign up for the midterms online during the week prior to the time that your midterms are scheduled. Your GA will let you know when the scheduled days and the sign-up period are. To sign up, go to the Student Language Program Website and click on 'Take a Language Midterm'.

I don't have an appointment for my midterm, so can I still take it?

You must have an appointment to take a midterm.

I don't have my photo ID, so can I still take the midterm?

To take the midterm a photo I.D. is required. A current UCSD I.D., driver's license or state-issued I.D., military I.D., or passport are all acceptable photo identification documents. If you do not have a photo I.D. to take your midterm, please see the Language Lab librarian.

I don't have my PAC#--can I still take the midterm?

Your private Personal Access Code can only be given to you by the Registrar. If you have forgotten yours, check your registration packet, or visit the Registrar's Office (with an official photo I.D.) and they will look it up for you. However, this PAC number cannot be done online or by telephone.

How do I check my grades?

Students should contact their instructors for grade information.

Can I check out video or audio tapes for my language classes from the Language Lab so I may study at home?

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws and limited supplies of class materials, all video and audio materials must be used in the Lab.

Can I check out reserved books or recordings from the Language Lab to study for an exam, or to use at home?

No... Materials must be used in the Lab. The Language Lab is an essentially a reference facility. Copyright agreements prohibit copying of most electronic and print media. However, this material may be purchased at various online services, or in campus bookstores.

Can I drop off homework for my grammar / conversation class at the Language Office or Language Lab?

Our Language Office & our Language Lab does NOT accept the accept the responsibility of student's grammar / conversation class homework.

Where is my instructor's office and what are their office hours?

You can get this information online or posted on the bulletin board outside the Language Office, AP&M 3016 or as posted in the Language Lab.

(Note - Instructors are only available in the offices during the times specified.)

Who is the person in charge of ASL / French / German / Italian / Spanish and how do I contact him or her?

Where are the Language Lab and Department office located on the UCSD campus?

The Language Lab and Department offices are located on the Muir College Campus in the Applied Physics & Mathematics building (AP&M). The Language Program office is located in AP&M 3016 and the Language Lab is down the hall in AP&M 3432A. (See UCSD Map) / (See Muir Campus Map)

What are the Language Lab hours?

The Language Lab is open every day except Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 52 hours per week. The time schedule can be found at our Language Laboratory Website.

I've never been in the Language Lab before, so what can I do there?

All course textbooks, syllabi, audio and video materials are on reserve in the Language Lab for on-premises use only. In addition, computers are available for assigned quizzes and grammar review. Moreover, midterm testing always takes place on Language Lab computers on assigned days in the quarter. For more information about the facilities, please refer to the Language Laboratory Website.

Can I find anything in the Language Lab for extra practice in writing or in speaking the language?

The Language Lab has many books, audio recordings, videos, and self-instructional resources for grammar, pronunciation and conversation. Please feel free to ask for assistance at the service desk. For more information refer to our Language Laboratory Website.

Can I check my email in the Language Lab? Can I do my composition in the Language Lab?

Yes, as long as there are computers available for students who are working on language class assignments.

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