Linguistics Minor - General

The general linguistics minor provides students with a foundation in the field of linguistics. Students take core courses focusing on language data from a variety of languages, which teach analytical and writing skills. Students may acquire knowledge of the theoretical issues in language processing, language acquisition, and language in society. These courses develop writing, research and critical thinking skills.

Minor requirements:

  • Completion of 7 linguistics courses with at least a C- letter grade (exception: one quarter of LIGN199 taken for pass/no pass may count toward the minor)
  • Required course: LIGN101 – Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Six other linguistics courses, two of which may be lower-division

See the list of linguistics courses for available classes.

The undergraduate program introduces majors and non-majors to the scientific study of language in the broader perspective of a liberal arts education.

Inquiries about language classes should be directed to the Language Program advisors .

Inquiries about the Linguistics Undergraduate Program (specific questions about classes, plans of study, graduate school options, and EAP/OAP class approval) should be directed to the Undergraduate Advisors.