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Linguistics Minor - Language Studies

The Language Studies minor provides students with a foundation in linguistics combined with the study of a language of choice. Students acquire general skills in linguistic analysis, which are in turn applied to the language of choice. Students deepen their knowledge of the language through a literature class, and gain interdisciplinary perspectives from area studies classes in other departments focusing on the country or setting where the language is spoken. Languages that students have selected in the past include American Sign Language, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
It is recommended that language studies majors participate in Study Abroad, UC San Diego.

*Students whose language of concentration is American Sign Language will need to consult the faculty advisor for individualized requirements and substitutes for some classes; these students may also consider an exchange year at Gallaudet University.

Minor requirements:

  • Completion of 7 courses (two may be lower-division language courses) with at least a C- letter grade (exception: one quarter of LIGN199 taken for pass/no pass may count toward the minor)

Specific requirements include:

A. Two lower-division prerequisites for upper-division courses in the literature of the language of concentration

B. LIGN101 – Introduction to the Study of Language

C. 1 structure of language X course chosen from:

LIGN 141: Language Structures (languages selected vary)
LIGN 143: The Structure of Spanish
LIGN 148: Psycholinguistics of Sign Languages (if your language of concentration is ASL)

D. 1 upper-division literature course in the language of concentration
(note: this will require language proficiency as well as lower-division prerequisites. At most two lower-division courses in the language of concentration may count towards the minor. American Sign Language students should take LIGN 144 or LIGN 146.

E. 2 additional courses in linguistics, literature or area studies.
Literature and area studies courses must deal with the language of concentration or the corresponding culture/area studies, subject to approval of the faculty advisor. Please see the list of approved upper-division classes for the Language Studies major.