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Linguistics Department Committees



Academic Senate Representative

Andy Kehler (primary, Winter & Spring)
Farrell Ackerman (primary, Fall; alternate, Winter & Spring)


Grant Goodall (File coordinator)
Ivano Caponigro (Open House coordinator)
Eva Wittenberg (Fellowship coordinator)

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink, Alycia Randol

Students: Rachel M., Maho T., Hagyeong S., Ebru E., Olivia G.

Brown Bag

Students: Shai N., Catherine A.


Michelle Yuan (chair)
Eva Wittenberg (Winter & Spring)

Students: Tory S., Jose F.G., Matt C., Ray H., Milad M.


Faculty: Marc Garellek (chair)
Leon Bergen (Winter & Spring)
Emily Clem
Will Styler (Fall & Winter)

Students: Yaqian H.

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink, Alycia Randol

External Relations

Faculty: Ivano Caponigro 

Students: September C., Maxine V., Claudia D.

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink

Director of Graduate Studies

Faculty: Grant Goodall (Fall)
Robert Kluender (Winter & Spring)

Grad Student Head: Anna M.

Graduate Lounge/Mail

Josh W.

Graduate Student Association Reps

Anthony S.Y., Ben L.

Alternate: Jun Jie L.

Heritage Language Program Supervisor

Sharon Rose

LingUA Coordinator

Faculty: Will Styler

Student: Nico T.

Research & Travel Grants

Student: Alex R.

Staff: Alycia Randol

San Diego Linguistic Papers

Faculty: Eric Baković

Students: Nese D., Yuan C., Duk-Ho J., Nina K.

Space Commitee  

Faculty: Eric Baković, Grant Goodall

Undergraduate Advisors

Faculty: Will Styler (general) & Marc Garellek (Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

Staff: Alycia Randol

Union Representative  

Student: Sihun J.

Department Listserv Management/Facebook/Website

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink (e-mail: