Linguistics Department Committees 2017-18

Academic Senate Representative

Grant Goodall; Alternate: Rachel Mayberry 


Faculty: Andy Kehler (Director of Graduate Studies), Sharon Rose (Chair), Ivano Caponigro

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink, Alycia Randol

Students:  Nina Semushina, Qi Cheng, Adam McCollum, Tory Sampson

Brown Bag

Students: Matt Zaslansky, Charlotte Daciolas-Semon


Faculty: Eva Wittenberg

Students: Yaqian Huang, Michael Obiri-Yeboah, Josh Wampler


Faculty: Eric Bakovic (Chair), Marc Garellek (W, S), Leon Bergen

Students: Jenna Baranov

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink, Alycia Randol

External Relations

Faculty: Ivano Caponigro 

Students: Andres Aguilar, September Cowley

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink, Cheri Redke

Graduate Lounge/Mail

Amber Thompson

Graduate Student Diversity Representative

Staff: Alycia Randol; Faculty: Sharon Rose

Graduate Student Head

Kati Hout

Graduate Student Association Reps

Yuan Chai, Nese Demir, Duk-Ho Jung

Heritage Language Program Supervisor

Sharon Rose


Faculty: Rachel Mayberry

Students: Anne Therese Fredriksen, Dayoung Kim

Staff: Alycia Randol

San Diego Linguistic Papers

Students: Emily Davis, Alex Rodriguez

Search Commitee  

Faculty: Robert Kluender (Chair), Leon Bergen, Rachel Mayberry

Campus visits:

Staff: Camie Nguyen

Students: Eric Meinhardt, Crono Tse

Space Commitee  

Faculty: Sharon Rose, Grant Goodall

Student: Anna Mai

Staff: Anna Bryson

Undergraduate Advisors

Faculty: Gabriela Caballero

Staff: Alycia Randol

Department Listserv Management/Facebook/Website

Staff: Christina Knerr Frink

The UCSD Department of Linguistics combines a focus on the convergence of theoretical and experimental linguistics with strong interdisciplinary collaboration.

Since its founding in the 1960's, UCSD has become one of the foremost educational and research institutions in the nation. The campus and surrounding region boast an extraordinary array of well-known scholars and offer broad opportunities for study and research of the highest quality. These opportunities are especially strong and diversified in language-related areas.