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Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny


A transdisciplinary graduate specialization in Anthropogeny is now available for Ph.D. students in Linguistics and other disciplines. This specialization is administered through the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropgeny (CARTA). It provides students an opportunity to specialize in research and education on the origins of humans. Topic areas are:

  • Human and Primate Genetics and Evolution
  • Paleoanthropology and Hominid Origins
  • Mammalian and Primate Neurosciences
  • Primate Biology and Medicine
  • Language and Cognition
  • Nature-Nurture Interactions in Explaining Language and Cognition
  • Human and Primate Society and Culture
  • Comparative Developmental Biology of Primates
  • General Theories for Explaining Humans

For more information, see the Anthropogeny specialization track webpage.