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Welcome to the UCSD Department of Linguistics Undergraduate Program

Interested in Linguistics? Take LIGN 101!

Interested in trying Linguistics or learning more about our field? Take LIGN 101! The course is open to all students of all levels and years, just enroll or submit an EASY request. All requests will be approved!

Linguistics is the systematic study of human language. Students of linguistics investigate the basic structure of language – what are the common patterns that languages share, and what are the differences? Because language provides a window into the human mind, linguistics plays a central role in the study of human cognition, in particular studies of language acquisition, and how scientific research methods can be used to investigate language processing in the mind (psycholinguistics) and brain (neurolinguistics). Language can also be studied in terms of its function as a cognitive system shared by an entire society; sociolinguistics investigates the ways in which the language we use is affected by our social environment. Historical linguistics examines language change and historical relationships between languages. Students of linguistics acquire analytical skills, and the ability to develop and present hypotheses and arguments. Students can get involved in linguistic research in the department by participating in Independent Study LIGN 199 or through the Honors Program.

The Department of Linguistics offers five undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) majors. Learning outcomes for the five majors can be found here.

We also offer three minors:

The International Studies Program offers the International Studies - Linguistics major and a minor.

Please see the university catalog for more details.

GET INVOLVED: Our undergraduates run the Linguistics Undergraduate Association LINGUA. Join the group on Facebook or send e-mail to