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Study Abroad in Linguistics

Linguistics students can greatly benefit from study abroad opportunities. This is particularly true for Language Studies majors, who can fulfill many course requirements and improve their language skills through study abroad. Our Linguistics Study Abroad Award encourages our majors and minors to take advantage of these opportunities. There are many options for Study Abroad available to UC San Diego students, from summer study to year-long programs.


Study Abroad Options


UC Education Abroad Program: UC systemwide program

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Global Seminars

UC San Diego's faculty-led Summer Session programs

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Opportunities Abroad Program: Other study abroad options

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Linguistics Global Exchange

Study 1-3 quarters at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia - Exclusively for linguistics majors and minors!

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Sign Language Studies in Paris

Join Linguistics Professor Peggy Lott for her Summer Global Seminar

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Linguistics Suggested Study Abroad Plans

A maximum of 6 (four-credit) courses of study abroad can count towards your Linguistics major requirements and 3 (four-credit) courses for your Linguistics minor.

Suggested 4-Year Options


Suggested 2-Year Options



Our Recommendations

  1. Talk to the Linguistics Advisor to:
    1. arrange a different abroad study plan (other options are possible).
    2. discuss your course plan before departure (keep in touch while you're away in case of changes).
  2. Take core requirements at UC San Diego and linguistics electives on your study abroad program.

Study Abroad Award

Apply for the annual $250 Linguistics Study Abroad Award.

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Global Concentration

Global Concentration in Linguistics:

  • requires study abroad credits
  • for any of the linguistics majors

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Can I afford Study Abroad?

  • UC San Diego students receive hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in study abroad scholarships.
  • Financial aid can be used for study abroad programs.

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Diversity and Identity Abroad

We want everyone to have the opportunity to study abroad. Study Abroad, UC San Diego offers resources for all students.

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