Study Abroad in Linguistics

Linguistics students can greatly benefit from study abroad opportunities. This is particularly true for Language Studies majors, who can fulfill many course requirements and improve their language skills through study abroad. A Linguistics Study Abroad Award has been created to encourage our majors and minors to take advantage of these opportunities. There are many options for Study Abroad available to UCSD students, from summer study to year long programs. UCSD students can participate in:

 UCEAP logo


UCEAP (UC Education Abroad Program)

  • UC systemwide program; students from all UC campuses attend with you
  • Programs are hosted by the UC system
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA. 
  • Public, searchable database to find all the UCEAP courses students have taken and the types of academic credit they were awarded (e.g., major, minor, GE/breadth areas).
UCSD Global Seminars logo


UC San Diego Global Seminars

  • UC San Diego's own faculty-led Summer Session programs abroad
  • Two UCSD courses taught (in English) by UCSD faculty
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA.  
  • For students interested in Sign Language, a Sign Language Studies in Paris seminar led by Professor Peggy Lott will be available during the Summer of 2019.
OAP logo


OAP (Opportunities Abroad Program)

  • Study through UCSD affiliated progam partners, another US institution's program abroad, or direct-enroll in a university abroad
  • Academic credits earned will be posted to your Academic History as transfer units
  • Key differences from EAP and Global Seminars: You are not enrolled at UCSD; you earn UCSD transfer credit but grades are not calculated in UCSD GPA. Federal and state financial aid transfer but campus-based aid does not. Some scholarships are available from study abroad providers.
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Global Exchange - Macquarie University

  • Study at an Australian university in partnership with UC San Diego
  • Over 20 courses have been pre-approved for transfer credit
  • Special focus on courses specializing in Speech Pathology 


Check out the Linguistics Major Advising Page for more specific information. Talk to the Undergraduate Advisers in the Linguistics Dept about your plans.

Can I fit Study Abroad into my major requirements?

Yes, absolutely. A maximum of 6 (4-credit) courses of study abroad can count towards your Linguistics major requirements and 3 (4-credit) courses for your Linguistics minor.

Make sure you talk to the Linguistics Dept. faculty adviser about your course plan before departure and keep in touch while you are away in case of changes. It is recommended that you take core requirements at UCSD and linguistics electives on your study abroad program.  Here is a sample template for a general linguistics major following this plan.

Here are examples of recent Linguistics majors who successfully incorporated Study Abroad into their program of study:

"Studying abroad is hands down the best decision I've made as an undergraduate. Last year I had the opportunity to live with a host family in Barcelona for ten months. I improved my Spanish, learned some Catalan, and really came to understand another culture by experiencing it firsthand. You might think a year abroad would be a setback academically, but it was the opposite. I’m a Spanish Language Studies major, so studying in Spain actually helped me. The University of Barcelona offered General Linguistics classes, but I had already taken many of those at UCSD. Using what I’d learned at UCSD, I was able to take Phonology of Spanish, Syntax of Spanish, and a class on the dialectology of American Spanish. I also took a Spanish Literature course on Don Quijote and a Linguistic Typology class. These classes expanded my knowledge of Spanish from merely speaking and reading to a broader understanding of the language as a whole, and I’m now able to petition them to apply to my major."

-Chris Eager, Linguistics senior & 2009-10 EAP-Barcelona participant, now a graduate student in Spanish linguistics at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Can I have my Study Abroad experience officially recognized on my diploma?

A new Global Concentration in Linguistics, which requires credits earned through Study Abroad, can be applied to any of the four linguistics majors. Learn more here.  The Global Concentration designation will appear on your academic transcript, but not your diploma.

Can I afford Study Abroad?

UCSD students receive approximately $600,000 annually in study abroad scholarships.

Financial aid can be used for study abroad programs (campus-based aid can only be used for EAP).

Study Abroad, UC San Diego provides extensive information on funding and can assist you in applying for scholarships.