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Graduate Research & Travel Grants



The Research and Travel Program application program is for students that started prior to Fall 2022.

Students admitted Fall 2022 and beyond will receive a stipend to use for research and travel the summer following the successful completion of their second year. Please refer to your admissions letter for details.


Previous Program Overview

The Linguistics Department has a small fund to support graduate student research projects and travel to scholarly meetings. Graduate students may apply for funding at any time during the year. The departmental Research & Travel Grants Committee reviews applications and makes awards. Awards are made on a rolling basis. Awardees are reimbursed for covered expenses upon presentation of appropriate receipts.

Application Process

How do I apply? Applications no longer accepted.

When should I apply? For travel grants, UC San Diego requires that all receipts be turned in within 21 days of travel completion. Therefore, make sure you apply for funding before your conference takes place. For research grants, apply for funding BEFORE you plan to pay participants.

When will I hear back? We will accept applications on a rolling basis, and you can expect to hear from us promptly (within 2 weeks of sending us your application). For travel grants, we encourage you to apply for a GPSA Travel Grant (to maximize your funding) and we will wait to get back to you until we see what the outcome of that application is.

Award Guidelines

  1. More advanced students will be given priority over less advanced students.
  2. Priority will also be inversely proportional to previous amounts granted to a particular student.
  3. Maximum reimbursement of travel grants will normally be $250-500 for any single trip. For domestic travel (except East Coast), you can expect to receive up to $250. For East Coast travel (Eastern Standard/Daylight Time), you can expect to receive up to $350. For international travel, you can expect to receive up to $500. (Canada and Mexico will be considered "domestic" travel, however.) The maximum total reimbursement per student each academic year will not exceed $1000.
  4. Travel grants will be granted only to students who have had a paper accepted at a conference, and proof of conference acceptance is required. Specific requirements for travel grants are listed on the application form.
  5. Specific requirements for the research grant requests are listed on the application form. Human participants pay typically ranges from $7-$20.
  6. You are required to discuss your application with your faculty advisor before submitting it to the committee.

Reimbursement Requirements

Awardees are reimbursed for covered expenses upon presentation of appropriate receipts. Before you apply, make sure you will be able to provide the documentation that will be needed in order to process your award. Remember that all receipts must be turned in within 21 days of travel completion.

For travel reimbursement, you will need to provide: (1) dates of travel, (2) location traveled to, (3) purpose of trip, (4) proof of conference acceptance (email message or letter from conference organizers), and (5) itemized airfare receipt (including itinerary and confirming form of payment). In addition, you will need to sign and complete the UC San Diego Student Certification for Business-Related Travel, which must also be signed by your faculty advisor.

For research reimbursement, you will need to provide: (1) your study name, (2) the amount of individual payments, (3) time period for the study, and (4) the current, valid protocol number (via a copy of your IRB approval letter and the UCSD IRB Approved Informed Consent form outlining Compensation for Participation). NOTE: It is the policy to request an advance prior to paying human subjects. Reimbursement for retroactive out-of-pocket payments are an exception, and are not encouraged. However, if it was unavoidable for someone to pay participants prior to receiving an advance, receipts and all other documentation are required for reimbursement.

Other Funding Sources

The department's travel and research grants are limited, so we encourage you to apply to outside sources. Here are a few options which we highly encourage you to apply for:

  • GPSA Travel Grants: This grant is funded through the Graduate Student Association and is awarded by lottery on a quarterly basis. You can expect to receive up to $500 per conference. We also highly recommend that you apply for this fund.
  • UC Intercampus Travel Fund: This fund is useful for research-related travel that occurs among UC campuses. This award is offered yearly. The deadline is at the end of March.
  • Conference Grants: Many conferences offer student travel grants and awards. Be sure to research whether the conference you are attending also offers student funding.

Further Questions?

Further questions should be addressed to