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Honors Program

The department offers an honors program for outstanding students. Those students who have a 3.75 GPA in linguistics (3.25 overall) at the end of their junior year are eligible to participate. Students interested in participating in the honors program should select a Linguistics faculty adviser to supervise their thesis. Admission to the program requires nomination by the adviser and approval of the department faculty in the spring of the preceding year.

The honors program requires that two graduate linguistics courses be taken as part of the twelve required courses for the major, and further requires one quarter of LIGN 199H. During one of the two graduate courses, the student, in consultation with the instructor and their faculty adviser, will begin a substantial research project which will be continued during the quarter of 199H and will culminate in an honors paper. Responsibility for proposing possible projects and completing necessary paperwork rests with the student. Upon successful completion of the requirements the designation “with distinction” will appear on the student’s diploma.

Complete the application for the honors program.

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