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Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

The Department has a strong commitment to, and is an active and integral part of, the cognitive science and neuroscience communities at UCSD. Most Linguistics faculty have joint appointments in the Department of Linguistics and the Cognitive Science Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program, and many faculty and students participate in the all-campus Interdisciplinary Program Seminar (COGS 200) on a regular basis. Graduate students in the Cognitive Science Department frequently participate in Linguistics graduate courses, and Linguistics graduate students regularly attend Cognitive Science courses covering topics such as neuroscience, child language acquisition, aphasia, neural networks, and semantics and cognition.

Linguistics graduate students are eligible to pursue a joint degree in Cognitive Science and Linguistics within the Interdisciplinary Program. Areas of secondary specialization that are especially well represented in the cognitive science community at UCSD and related institutes include child development, connectionist modelling, distributed cognition, language disorders, neuroscience, philosophy, and psycholinguistics. Graduate students usually apply to the joint program in their second year of the regular Ph.D. Linguistics program.