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Two-day Tutorial on

Word and Paradigm Models of Morphology

by James P. Blevins (Cambridge University).

Date: Thursday October 11th and Friday October 12th from 5-7

Location: 5th floor of AP&M in the HDP Seminar room 5420

Dr. Blevins will provide a detailed overview of recent Word and Paradigm approaches to morphology and how the reconceptualization of this classical perspective on morphological analysis departs from the familiar assumptions that have guided much of generative morphology.  Beyond introducing the basics and motivations for a new Word and Paradigm perspective, Dr. Blevins will also introduce some aspects of Information-Theory that have been insightfully applied to complex morphological data sets.   The tutorial is based on Dr.  Blevins’ forthcoming book Word and Paradigm Morphology, Oxford University Press.    

Please RSVP to Farrell Ackerman by October 10, 4 p.m.  Pizza and refreshments will be provided.