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Stuart Davis

Monday 19 November at 2pm, Stuart Davis will give a colloquium in the UCSD Linguistics Department, in AP&M 4301.

Some Matters of Loanword Prosody 

Indiana University

Building on previous works (e.g. Kubozono 2006, Kang 2010, Davis et al. 2012), this talk illustrates a proposed taxonomy for loanword prosody, referring specifically to the patterns of stress, tone, or pitch-accent that are found in loanwords. Toward a taxonomy, we consider the following factors: (i) whether the source word influences the assignment of prosody in the borrowing language and (ii) whether prosody assignment is specific to loanwords or is found elsewhere in the borrowing language.  Exemplification of languages instantiating the taxonomy will be provided with discussion regarding issues that arise from the proposed taxonomy and analyses.  Cases to be discussed include English (and French) borrowings into Japanese, loanwords in Modern Hebrew, English loanwords in South Kyungsang Korean, and Japanese loanwords into Taiwanese Southern Min.