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Gabriela Caballero

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor (general)

Gabriela Caballero received her BA in Linguistics from Universidad de Sonora (Mexico) and her PhD in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on the description and documentation of indigenous languages of the Americas (especially Uto-Aztecan languages) and the nature of intralinguistic and crosslinguistic variation in morphology and phonology. She has a deep commitment both to the careful study of particular languages and to bring data from lesser-studied languages to bear on topics in formal phonology and morphology, topics that tend to be addressed with data from a handful of better-known languages. Her research interests extend to the psycholinguistic investigation of phonological and morphological processing in order to better understand patterns of morphophonological variation in morphologically complex languages. She is especially interested in linguistic description and collaborative language documentation projects whose products serve both academic linguists and indigenous communities. Her work has been published in the International Journal of American Linguistics, Morphology, Linguistic Typology, and Language Documentation and Conservation.

Research groups/labs: