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Ivano Caponigro

Professor and Faculty Director of UC Education Abroad Programs in Italy

Ivano Caponigro received his Ph.D in linguistics from UCLA. His research interests focus on the study of how different languages convey the same meaning by possibly different combinations of words (or smaller units) into sentences. For those who like linguistic jargon, Ivano is a linguist who is interested in cross-linguistic formal semantics and its interfaces with formal pragmatics and syntax. He has conducted extensive collaborative work on varieties of wh-constructions and relative clauses in Indo-European languages, Mesoamerican languages, ASL, and Adyghe (Northwest Caucasian). He leads SemanticsBabble, a weekly discussion group on theoretical and experimental aspects of semantics and related areas such as its interface with syntax, pragmatics, and philosophy of language.

Research groups/labs: