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General Department Resources & Information


Staff Resources Guide A quick department guide to who does what.

Computers / Printers / Copiers / Phone / Fax

Computers / Printers / Copiers

Phone / Fax

Facilities Maintenance Requests / Pest Control

Non-urgent work requests to Facilities Management can be submitted here.


Keys are provisioned by Christina Knerr Frink (858-534-3602 AP&M 4161) and disbursed by Rachel Pekras (858-822-2711 AP&M 3101).

Mail Information

General Information

  • Mail code: 0108
  • Mailing Address:

    Department of Linguistics
    9500 Gilman Drive #0108
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0108

  • Shipping Address (all deliveries are routed through central receiving):

    University of California, San Diego
    Name of contact person or person receiving goods and Mail Code
    Building name and room number
    Purchase order number, if any
    7835 Trade St., Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92121

Mail is picked up and sorted every afternoon.  Place any outgoing mail (campus or external) in the outgoing mailbin in the 4th floor copy room.  

Office & Classroom Supplies


Linguistics Language Program & Heritage Language Program

Computer/printer technical issues: Contact 

Campus Classroom Support

Room Calendars & Reservations

Linguistics Department room reservations: Contact Rachel Pekras

Rooms that can be reserved:

  • Instructional Room (AP&M 4301) (Capacity 70, projector)
  • Conference Room (AP&M 4218) (Capacity ~10)
  • Conference Room (AP&M 3218) (Capacity ~10)
  • ASL Classroom (AP&M 3321) (Capactity 28, smart tv, available summer only)
  • Media Classroom (AP&M 3402): Contact Rula Kassicieh (AP&M 3432)
    • The Media Classroom contains 29 PC workstations, a whiteboard, and a ceiling-mounted projector. 

Rooms for office hours:

UC San Diego General Use Classroom Reservations: Contact Alycia Randol

  • Note: General use requests are coordinated through the Registrar

Trash / Recycle / Shredding


  • Trash: Emptied on Fridays
  • Recycle: Emptied on Tuesdays

If this is not happening, please contact Christina Knerr Frink.

Helpful information

  • Trash: There are large trash bins located at the basement-level loading dock between AP&M and McGill Hall.
  • Recycling: There is a large recycling bin located in the hallway on the 4th floor near room 4101.


  • Small shredder:
    • 4th floor: Located in the mailroom on the 4th floor.
    • 3rd floor: There is a tray in the copy room on the 3rd floor for materials that need to be shredded.
  • Have a lot of material that needs to be shredded?
    • There is a large shredding bin located in the Graduate Student Lounge on the 3rd floor. If you do not have access to this room, please contact any staff member and we will assist you.

Website / Blog / Social Media / Listservs


Please share any events, research, class projects, photos, plans, advertisements (classes, 199s, etc.), talks, invitations, presentations, published papers, newspaper articles, interviews, blog posts, awards, fellowships, new classes, conferences or even if you just find an interesting and relevant article to share to our department facebook page! 


As of Summer 2021, all linguistics listservs have migrated to google groups. All listservs now end with -g, ex (not a real listserv).

For a full list of department listservs, please contact