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Resources for Graduate Students

New Graduate Student Resources

Mandatory Training

Payroll & Benefits


For questions about paychecks, please contact Rachel Pekras.

Pay versus Service

As a lecturer appointed during the academic year, please note that your pay dates may differ from your service dates.


Service Dates

(Quarter begin and end dates)

Pay Dates


9/24 – 12/15

10/1 - 12/31


1/2 – 3/15

1/1 - 3/31


3/27 – 6/14

4/1 - 6/30


Tax Information (provided by Graduate Division)


Student Health Insurance Plan

UCSD provides a comprehensive major medical health insurance plan for graduate students and the fees are paid by the University when a student is employed as a TA, Associate (in lieu of TA), Associate In (teaching a class), reader, or GSR at 25% time or greater. Enrollment in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is automatic and will be made as part of the registration process. Get more information through the Student Health website.

TA Resources

Assignment of Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are assigned to each course by the Director of Graduate Studies. Assignments are based upon course enrollments (which cannot be accurately assessed until after all students have had the opportunity to complete their first and second pass enrollment (typically this ends during Week 9)), faculty preference and graduate student preference. Mid-quarter, expect to receive a form soliciting your course preferences. After assignments have been finalized, you will be notified by the DGS of your assignment and you will receive your official offer via e-mail.

Mandatory Course Enrollment for Teaching Assistants

LIGN 502. Apprentice Teaching of Linguistics: All Teaching Assistants must enroll in a section of LIGN 502 that will be created under the name of the Instructor of Record. The Instructor of Record will need to assign a Pass/No Pass grade at the end of the term on eGrades. If there is not a section created, please contact Alycia Randol for assistance.

Teaching Assistant Training

Every fall quarter, a section of LIGN 500. Teaching Assistant Training will be offered by Prof. Will Styler. As part of this training, he has created a TA Expectations, Goals and Resources page that offers helpful information for both instructors and teaching assistants.

Additionally, the Teaching + Learning Commons offers a variety of programs and workshops to support Teaching Assistants.

Residency Requirements

The department pays non-resident supplemental tuition U.S. citizens who are residents of other states for the first year only and expects students to obtain California residency before the fall quarter of their second year. In order to do this, students need to provide the Registrar’s Office with information establishing residency in California for one year. To prepare for this process, students should be collecting the following documentation: California driver's license, voter registration card, bank statements for one year, California state tax return, vehicle registration, rental agreement showing residency for one year, and/or pay stubs from employment of W-2 forms. For further questions regarding residency, please contact the Residence Deputy at the Registrar's Office (858-534-4586).

Residency Guidelines for Purposes of Tuition & Fees

External Funding Resources

Fellowship Information

Graduate Division: Fellowships are one of the best ways to fund your graduate education. Fellowships can free you from employment obligations, cover a portion of tuition, and provide funds for international travel. Search here for more information about some of the fellowship opportunities available to UC San Diego graduate students. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about fellowships, please contact

Please be aware that if your fellowship opportunity requires that you list your mentor as the principal investigator on the project, you may need to work with the Office of Contract & Grant Administration. To get started, contact Christina Knerr Frink to find out how to proceed. 

Fellowships often applied for:

Grant Information

Grants often applied for:

Teaching resources

Undergraduate Student Research & Independent Study (199s)

LIGN 199. Independent Study in Linguistics (2 or 4 units) provides undergraduates with the opportunity to participate in linguistic research conducted in the Department of Linguistics, both by graduate students and faculty members. This is an excellent opportunity to see how research is conducted, and it provides foundational training for graduate school.

Students assist in running experiments, analyzing data, or participating in field research.

LIGN199 is taken for Pass/No Pass. Students may take more than one LIGN199, but may only count one quarter of LIGN199 towards their major or minor.

To advertise your research opportunity: Contact (please see other announcements to use as a template)

Contact Alycia Randol for additional information.